Week of September 9/9-13

September 10, 2019

Quote of the week: 


Monday 9/9


  1. Turn in Graff annotations (pull them out of the book), descriptive outline, and paragraph response. If you took at Panic Button- due Wednesday. If you were absent, have it ready to turn in when you return. No late penalty unless you don't have it! 

  2. In notebook, complete Activity 1: journal entry. See Google Classroom for slideshow. 

  3. Watched Jamie Oliver's TED Talk: See Google Classroom for handout and link. We didn't quite finish, so we will tomorrow. 

AP 11

  1. Review answers to the 2012 MCQ 1-15. Reflect on the ones you got wrong. 

  2. Handout- Churchill speech. Have it fully annotated for Tuesday! 



Tuesday 9/10


  1. Finish the Jamie Oliver TED Talk. 

  2. Activity 2- discuss in class

  3. Activity 3- Anticipation guide for Brody article (pg. 80 of ERWC Book)

  4. First read/left margin annotations (LMA): Brody article


Finish first read/LMA for Brody


AP 11

  1. Review Churchill reading; clarify questions and confusion 

  2. In groups, complete the dialectical journal handout. Collectively compose a thesis statement and main ideas. Identify specific evidence that supports what you're saying about rhetorical strategies and devices.

  3. Get it signed off before starting your group Rhetorical Analysis. 


Work on your part of the RA. 


Wednesday 9/11


Right Margin annotations for Brody- focus on claim, main ideas of body paragraphs, and appeals (uses of Logos/Ethos/Pathos).


AP 11

Group handout- Dialectical Journals and RA plan for Churchill


Thursday 9/12


Review Toolbox

Activty 6: Brody Vocab- quiz on Monday. Make flashcards! 

Graphic Organizer for Unit: Fill out Brody and Oliver (stamp on Thursday 19th). 


AP 11

Continue to work in groups on the Churchill RA. The Google Slides in the GC is for the entire class. Choose a slide for your group, a color for yourself, and start drafting your paragraph. We will be peer responding tomorrow. 


Friday 9/13


  1. Finish Activity 3: Brody anticipation guide

  2. Read Waters and Heron "No Lunch Left Behind"


  1. Study for Brody Vocab quiz

  2. Finish Brody annotations

  3. Add Brody and Oliver to the Graphic Organizer for the unit. 


AP 11

Peer response of Churchill RA. Revision 

1. finish revision- we will present ChurchilHOMEWORK:l RAs on Monday. 

2. Read Clinton Concession speech- Left Margin Annotations. 



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