Week of March 4-8

March 4, 2019

Quote of the Week: Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.   

--Albus Dumbledore


Ms. Zorra's Period 3 and 5 Weekly Powerpoint


Monday 3/4

AP 11- Synthesis notes; start reading the 4 sources (1 in class today, 1 for HW, and 2 tomorrow). 


ERWC- Workshop on projects; assign Activity 5 to be completed on the graphic organizer you got today. 


Tuesday 3/5

AP 11-Read 2 of the synthesis source articles in class


ERWC- 15 m workshop on projects; review activity 5, review themes (wilderness, family, risk-taking, identity) and show how to do closereading and annotations with highlighters and sticky notes. 


Wednesday 3/6

AP 11-  source graphic organizer (main idea and useful quotes for each source) ; fill out essay planner and bring it to me to stamp. If I didn't get to review your thesis with you, please make sure to show me at the beginning of class on Thursday. 



  • Gallery walk with infographics;

  • ticket out 

    •  What was hard about this assignment? 

    • What surprised you? 

    • Make 1 suggestion to improve the assignment- not doing it isn't an option.

  • Review Ch. 1 (questions), and discuss any problems you're having with annotations. 


Thursday 3/7

AP 11-

Work on timed write. 



Review Chapter 1; upload your 1984 paper to www.turnitin.com (directions for making your account are on the Google Classroom); use suggestions from turnitin to help draft your paragraph


1984 revision paragraph due date moved to Tuesday 3/12


Friday 3/9

AP 11-

Finish timed write (don't worry, it's not graded and we're peer responding on Monday)



Chapter 2 and 3 questions and discussion- note your answers on your Activities page. You don't have to write using complete sentences. 



1984 revision paragraph due date moved to Tuesday 3/12



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