Week of January 28-February 1

January 28, 2019

Quote of the Week: If a problem can be solved, there is no use worrying about it. If it can't be solved, worrying will do no good. 

                                                    --Dalai Lama


Ms. Zorra's Weekly Powerpoint for periods 3 and 5. 


Monday, 1/28

AP 11- Finish notes on Satire. Read"A Modest Proposal" (link) and take left margin annotations in your notebook. 


ERWC-Turn in Descriptive Outlines. Activity 14 Connotation/Denotation. Make sure your annotations for all 4 articles is done. Make sure you've added the articles to your source graphic organizer. 


Tuesday, 1/29

AP 11-

Non-fiction Project #3 handout

Bring your books to class for points on Friday 2/8.


ERWC- Handout (TED Talk); Dr Amen 83,000 brain scans (link)


Wednesday 1/30

AP 11: right margin annotations focusing on the elements of satire only. Please use the list on your satire handout and look for those items specifically! 


ERWC: Stamp Second Chance Kids handout and the Jenkins/Garinger article annotations. 

Review Juvenile Justice research project (on Google Classroom) 


Thursday, 1/31

AP 11- continue working on the right margin annotations. 


ERWC: Workshop day for JJ research project. 


Friday, 2/1

AP 11: Review/Discuss "A Modest Proposal;" Group quiz- turn in by end of period. 


ERWC:  Work day for group research project; remember that you need to create a Google Doc for your reflection and have YOUR sources (not your group's sources) as the Works Cited (2nd page). 


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Week of October 15-18

October 15, 2019

No Quote of the Week 

Monday, 1014- sub


Root word quiz- formative- #1-15

2 Handouts: Domonoske article and Activities

Read and do left margin annotati...

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