Week of January 14-18

January 14, 2019

Quote of the Week: Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; simple minds discuss people.  --Eleanor Roosevelt


Ms. Z's Weekly Powerpoint for Periods 3 and 5


Monday 1/14

AP 11

Work on "Winter Animals." Make sure your Right Margin Annotations 



  • Complete the Acting Your Age handout

  • In your notebook, start a section for Juvenile Justice.

    • Complete activity 1 (make sure to date and label).

  • We discussed activity 2, then added thoughts to activity 1.

    • Some periods may have started looking at and discussing activity 3 in small groups.

Tuesday 1/15 (sub today)

AP 11: last in-class time to finish up Thoreau annotations, questions, and draft. 


ERWC: From the JJ Activities packet- complete activities 3, 5, 7


Wednesday 1/16

AP 11: The assignment is on the Google Classroom. Read the introductory material on the GC, then open the PDF of our text. Ehrenreich's piece is on page 432. Do your first read with left margin annotations in the notebook. Make sure to date and label your work. 


ERWC: Finish annotations and start Activity 8 if you finish both left and right margin annotations early. 


Thursday 1/17

AP 11: Stamp Thoreau work. Finish 1st read of Ehrenreich (homework if you're not done by the end of the period). 


ERWC: Stamp Thompson/Lundstrom Annotation. Complete Activity 8 in the handout from Monday. If time, look over the directions for Activity 9 - Descriptive outline of one of the articles. Start by chunking the paragraph- intro, similar topic body paragraphs, conclusion. 


Friday 1/18

AP 11: Ehrenreich 2nd read- right margin annotations. I will put up the questions you need to do on the Google Classroom. 

** gave out the AP exam order forms. I am now out of them, so please see one of your other AP teachers, or Rosa in the front office. 


ERWC: Work on Activity 9. On a separate paper, have a heading, a title Descriptive Outline: "Title of Article," then decide on format. I will put up some examples in class, but you do have a handout in your toolbox (Annotating, Descriptive Outlines, and Summarizing) that oulines how to do it. 


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