Week of October 29-November 2

October 30, 2018

Quote of the Week: How do I know what I think until I see what I say?   --E. M. Forster


Notebook check on 11/5


Monday  10/29

ERWC- Work in small groups clarifying any questions you have about Chapters II-III. List any questions you couldn't answer on a paper for the group. On the same paper, come up with a list of at least 5 words from Chapters I-III. Read Chapter IV for Wednesday. 


AP 11- Your assignment is in the Google Classroom. Links to the reading for the pattern of organization cause/effect are there. Take notes in your notebook and do left margin annotations for the Kaag article, "The Perfect Essay." 


Tuesday 10/30


Powerpoint- review Ch. II-III; watch a short 2 minute hate; Khan Academy video on Cognitive Dissonance. 20 m to work on reading. 


AP 11

Continue to work on assignment in the Google Classroom. 


Wednesday 10/31


Chapter IV Reading Quiz

Groups: 4-5 words on a card for Ch. IV

Workshop time


Read V for Friday. 


AP 11

grammar 3.1 a and b

In your notebooks, write a draft (intro, 2 body paras, conclusion) of a cause/effect essay. Your choice of topic 


Thursday 11/1


Grammar 3.1b

Answer any questions you have for Ch. I-IV



AP 11

Rhetorical Device- Antistrophe

Google Classroom: David Foster Wallace (270 in PDF) "This is Water"

Read and mark confusion in your notebook; for 2nd read, focus on how the author uses language to get his point across. 


Friday 11/2


Grammar 3..something (I can't remember!)

Review  Ch. V


AP 11 

Grammar: 3.2a

2nd read: Wallace "This is Water"- focus on the language. What tone/s does Wallace have and how does his language and use of rhetorical strategies/devices help make his tone obvious?


Remember, Notebook checks on Monday


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