Week of April 30-May 4

April 30, 2018

Quote of the Week: Always do what you are afraid to do. --Ralph Waldo Emerson 


Monday 4/30


Movie to take notes/respond to- The Mask You Live In (streams on Netflix). 


AP 11

TED Talk- Christiane Amanpour (link


Tuesday 5/1




AP 11

Kincaid review 


Wednesday 5/2


Finish- The Mask You Live In. Finish notes and response. Discuss in small groups, then with whole class. 

Handout- article on Toxic Masculinity


AP 11

Kincaid article- on a separate paper, write: 

1. Thesis (don't forget tone!)

2. Rhetorical Devices/Strategies

3. Evidence- At least 2 pieces of evidence for each RD/RS. 


On your paper, T chart the Devices/Strategies and Evidence so they're side by side. 

Due at the end of the period. 


Thursday 5/3


TED Talk- "Be A Man" by Joe Erhmann (link

Annotate article- Toxic Masculinity

Handout- 18 Things presentations (link)


AP 11

Multiple Choice Tips (from 5 Steps to a Five- 2016). 

Multiple Choice Practice Test


Friday 5/4 (Sub today)



You have an option to start on your 18 things outlines and visual aids (if you're using a digital format). 

You may also work on catching up- annotations, activities, anything not done. You should have Brooks, Tannen, and Toxic Masculinity read and annotated for Monday. We have one more article. 

GET CAUGHT UP! Get Ahead! Lorde is the next article. 


AP 11

Argument Timed Write- you will need a literary, historical, pop culture/current event example. The question will be a qualify and defend type. 




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Week of October 15-18

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No Quote of the Week 

Monday, 1014- sub


Root word quiz- formative- #1-15

2 Handouts: Domonoske article and Activities

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