Week of April 9-13

March 29, 2018

Quote of the Week: Compassion is not a virtue-- it is a commitment. It's not something we have or don't have--it's something we choose to practice. --Brene Brown


Monday 4/9


Finish the Into the Wild movie. 


ITW Reading Notes and DJs are due tomorrow! Remember that you have 12 total to do. 

AP 11

Finish "Offensive Play" slides on the Google Classroom. 


Tuesday 4/10


ITW DJs and Reading Notes due 

Handouts (links are on the ERWC page)- TED Talk graphic organizer; Language, Gender, and Culture (LGC) unit handout. 

Watch McGonigal (links to these videos are in the document). Respond in your handout. 

Activity 1


AP 11

Present Gladwell slides. 

Review handout on writing summaries (in toolbox).

Handout- NF project #4. 


Choose your best annotations from the Chapter 9 readings. You will be turning it in on Friday for assessment (10 points of Reading Comprehension points). 


Wednesday 4/11


Watch video on walking

Finish Activity 1 journals (make sure you write about 2 of them) 

Read/watch Judith Butler's Phylosophe (115 in ERWC book). 

Complete Activity 2-responding to questions about Butler. 

Start Activity 5-reading author biographies (there will be a quiz on this!)


AP 11

Review how to write an objective summary

Poetry- Owen and Pope. Read and explicate


Thursday 4/12


Finish Activity 5, start Activity 6

AP 11

Poetry- continue to work on Owen poem. 2nd read- Analysis. 3rd read- Language/diction, tone/mood, imagery. 


Friday 4/13


TED Talk: Brene Brown. Notes and respond on the handout


Make sure you have your readings for the Language, Gender, and Culture unit for Monday. 


AP 11

Poetry continued: Pope. 


Work on Non-fiction Project #4, due 4/20. Upload to Google Classroom. 



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