Week of October 30- November 3

October 30, 2017

Quote of the Week: A society grows great when old men plant tress whose shade they know they will never sit it. --Greek Proverb


Monday 10/30


Work on blue graphic organizer. 


AP 11

Star reading test- get lexile level. Work on Emerson handout (You don't have to do the DJs). 


Tuesday 10/31


Handout- 1984 unit.

Review 1984 unit explanation and activities


AP 11

Rhetorical device-anticlimax

Period 2, finish AR test. 

Review/discuss Emerson, continue to work on questions. 


Wednesday 11/1


Last in class day to work on blue graphic organizer. 

AP 11

Grammar 3.3a and b. 

Compare/contrast peer response


Thursday 11/2


Blue graphic organizer due. 

Get 1984 books, start reading. We got to pg. 9. Note the flashback that starts at the bottom of the page. It goes to pg. 17. It's important. 


AP 11

Rhetorical Device- antimetabole

Stamp peer response. 

Get Gatsby books. ReadChapter I for 11/7. 


Finish Emerson Questions


Friday 11/3


Review Ch I. 

Do Reading Notes and compare to mine. 

Start DJs- ask questions today! 


Read Ch. II for Monday. Make sure Reading Notes and DJs are done for I. 

AP 11

Finish Emerson review. 

Fitzgerald powerpoint-link- take notes Cornell style. 


Emerson Questions Due Monday! 

Reach Ch. I for 11/7




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