May 1-5

May 1, 2017

Quote of the week: Be with those who help your being. --Rumi


Monday, 5/1: 

ERWC: Watch 2 TED Talks- Trice and Heffernan. Respond to the TED Talks in your handout. Workshop time. 


HOMEWORK: Language, Gender, and Culture packet due on Wednesday May 3 (please cross off Activity 16 and add the Young DO and the Lorde Journal). 

Monday, May 8 all outlines and visual aids are due- NO PANIC BUTTONS!!! You've had the assignment since before Spring Break. 


AP 11: Last questions on the rhetorical strategy prompts from last week. Handout- rhetorical strategy matching activity. 


Tuesday, 5/2: 


TED Talk-Julian Treasure. Work on PAPA Squares. 


  • LGC packet due tomorrow; don't forget to add the Lorde Journal and Young DO to the list (the assignments were stamped on Friday) and cross out Activity 16. 

  • Your visual aide and outline for presentations are due Monday, May 8. Presentations start that day. 

AP 11

Multiple Choice practice test with explanations. 



Wednesday, 5/3:


LGC Packets are due in the first 10 minutes of class. If you are on campus at any point, your packet is due. If I'm not in class, slip it under the door. 

Chrome carts

AP 11

Review Argument prompt. Kahoot review. 





Thursday, May the Fourth Be With You:  Sub 1-4 periods. 


Periods 1-4 will have a sub as I will be proctoring an AP exam. You will be expected to have the assignment done. 

  • Journal (right side of notebook: 

    • Of the eight TED Talks on Emotional Intelligence, what stood out to you most and why? In terms of your own EI (dealing with your emotions or those belonging to other people, conflict resolution, stress, listening), what do you still need to work on? 

  • Handout- Chapter 9 of Tony Robbins' Unshakeable- read and annotate.

HOMEWORK: TED Talk handout is due tomorrow. Outlines and visual aids are due Monday. Presentations start Monday. 


AP 11

Multiple choice essay- short answer. Get the original MC options to see if your answer was listed.  



Friday 5/5:


Emotional Intelligence TED Talks handout due.

Presentation Order will be posted-


HOMEWORK: remember that your outline and visual aid are due on Monday. You should have shared any digital visual aid with before school starts. Your outline will either be written in ink or typed. If your printer runs out of ink, your best option is to handwrite it. 


AP 11

Finish reviewing the MC answers and return the tests. 

Silent reading

**there will be some fun reading time built into next week. Remember that you have the AP Language and Composition exam on Wednesday. If you're not taking the exam, you'll be taking the multiple choice part of the semester 2 final. You'll have the final to write the three essay prompts. 





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