Week of March 6-10

March 7, 2017

Quote of the Week: Be kinder to yourself. And then let your kindness flood the world. --Pema Chodron 


The quarter ends on Friday. I will be working on grades through the weekend. Grades are due for upload on Wednesday 3/15. It's likely that I won't have a final quarter grade until then. Remember that the grade continues. 


LINK to EDD page about summer jobs. 

Monday 3/6


Quiz on IV-V. You have until 3/17 to make up the quiz. 

Notes on 1984, section two, Ch. IV-V

HOMEWORK: Read VI-VII for Wednesday. 


AP 11 

Turn in Non-fiction project #2

Kahoot for The Scarlet Letter


Tuesday 3/7


Video: State of Surveillance

Create a new right hand page in your notebook. Draw a T-chart. On one side put Facts and the other put Response. 


AP 11

Test of The Scarlet Letter


Wednesday 3/8:


Notes on VI-VII

Workshop on 1984 assignments


AP 11

  1. Review Discussion Questions for Gould article (354). Notes in your Notebook on the right side. 

  2. Writing Questions (355): Choose 1. You will have time today and half the period tomorrow to work on this. 


Finish PAPA Square for Gould

Work on Writing Assignment 


Thursday 3/9:


TED Talk: Glenn Greenwald's "Why Privacy Matters"

Take notes on the right side of your notebook. When done, write 1 discussion question and a short paragraph personal response. Short does NOT mean 3 sentences. Be concise, yet pack your sentences with meaning. 


AP 11

Read Virginia Woolf's "Professions for Women" (LoC 356). Do left and right margin annotations in your notebook (on the right)


Friday 3/10: 


Quiz on Ch. VIII

Article to first read and annotate: Wikileaks Releases Trove of Alegged CIA Hacking Documents. 

Notes on Ch. VIII and the first 10 pages of IX. 



DJs for IV-VII will be stamped on Monday. 


AP 11

Turn in Gould assignments: PAPA Square, Writing Assignment

Continue to work on Woolf. 

Anne Hathaway UN Speech on Parental Leave


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Root word quiz- formative- #1-15

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