Week of January 23-27

January 24, 2017

Quote of the Week: Our lives begin to end on the day we become silent about things that matter. --Martin Luther King Jr. 


Monday 1/23: Sub Today 



Read and annotate (R/L margin) Jenkins. Add to your graphic organizer


AP 11: 

Work on The Scarlet Letter DJs and reading. 



 Tuesday 1/24: 

All classes: Grammar 7.4


TED Talk- Dr. Daniel Amen's "The Most Important Lessons from 83,000 Brain Scans"


AP 11: 

Using an issue from the Staples article, write 1 well developed body paragraph. 





Wednesday 1/25: Sub (I'll be on campus, so you may see me)


Activity 13

Start reading and annotating Garinger. 


AP 11: 

Group assignment: You will be given a group and a rhetorical strategy. You will work together to create an infographic to present to class. You will need to show: 

  • specific examples

  • explanations of example

  • Purpose for author's use of strategy

  • visual 


Thursday 1/26:


Handout- Infographic/Presentation. Choose groups (if you were absent, a group claimed you, so check in with one of your friends tomorrow). 


AP 11: 

Finish Group Project



Friday 1/27: 


  1. Grammar 7 quiz.

  2. Handout- Activity 15 and 20. Work on activity 15: writing a summary and response to Garinger article. Use the AoW frame given on Sept. 7 (should be in your notes). 

Make sure you have Garinger annotated and your graphic organizer completed (Thompson, Lundstrom, Jenkins, Garinger). 

Meet in the library on Monday! 


AP 11:

Grammar 7 test

The Scarlet Letter Vocab Ch. 1-4 test

Work on your DJs and read. 


Meet in the library on Monday! Bring your ID.



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