Week of 10/24-28

October 24, 2016

Quote of the Week: 

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense. 


Monday  10/24:


  • Late, absent, and PB GFBF assignments. 

  • If you missed the grammar test on Friday, sign up for an ERWC PT lab this week. You have 2 weeks to make up the test, then it's done. 

Journal: After watching Steve Jobs' speech, discuss what kind of life you want to live and compare it to how you're currently living. What, if anything, would you change? 

Hamlet Soliloquy (ERWC page 47)


AP 11: Textbook 

Ehrenreich essay- identify and discuss rhetorical strategies

4 dialectical journals due Friday. 



 Tuesday 10/25:


Hamlet deconstruction: Go sentence by sentence and write what Hamlet MEANS. Answer the following questions on the back of the page (48)

  • Where does he ask the main question? What is it? 

  • Does he answer the question? 

  • What other questions does he ask? 

  • He is interrupted at the end. Do you think he's finished? 

Then, use a highlighter to go through and highlight any time he refers to what it means to be alive. 

e.g. "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" (2-3). Would you say the reference is positive (+) or negative (-)? Label it. 


AP 11: Textbook

Last in class day to work on Ehrenreich and dialectical journals 



Wednesday 10/26 : 


Stamp annotations for Hamlet

Answer the following questions in the right side of your notebook: 

  1. What is the big issue in Hamlet's soliloquy?

  2. What claim or argument about the value of life does Hamlet make? 

  3. What do you think about Hamlet's claim? 

Then, create a graphic organizer on a separate piece of paper. You'll be recording each source. Make 3-4 columns. In one column, have a row for each: Title, Author, Genre, Big Issue, Claim, Examples/Quotes, and What do YOU think about the text. (See a classmate's for example). 


AP 11: 

Work Day for Minimum Wage Infographics



Thursday 10/27:


Review Hamlet. Read Steiner article, personal annotations. Then, identify thesis, main ideas and best evidence. 


AP 11: 

  • Journal for Ehrenreich, right side of notebook: Explain the rhetorical strategies she used in her piece. Then, explain the effect of those strategies on the reader. 

  • Ticket out for Ehrenreich. 

  • Read the beginning of Olsen.


Friday 10/28: 


Continue working on the Steiner article; add it to your graphic organizer. 

Precis assignment. Links to this assignment and to support documents can be found on the ERWC page under Documents. 


AP 11:

Gallery Walk for Infographics

Turn in Ehrenreich DJs

Silent Reading! :)

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