Week of October 17-21

October 17, 2016

Monday 10/17:


  • Review Rotary Career Day information 

  • Finish article from Friday- answer using complete sentences, use the text for support, and explain your evidence. No annotating required, but will be helpful. 

  • We will have our Pop-Up Discussion Wednesday and Thursday this week. The typed outline is due on Thursday. The rest of the GFBF unit materials will be due on Friday. 

AP 11: 

Read article found here. Discuss how it applies to the rhetorical situation. 

Review www.hemingwayapp.com. You'll be able to copy/paste your essay into this site and it will flag issues. It's more than just a grammar checker. Take a look! 


 Tuesday 10/18:

ERWC: Chromebooks!

Get the cover page for the GFBF unit assignments. 

Turn in the Taubes questions! 


AP 11: Chromebooks!


Wednesday 10/19: 

ERWC: Pop-up discussion!


AP 11: Chromebooks. Minimum Wage Assignment 

Just research at this point, though you will be creating a 8.5x11 size poster of your findings to share next week. 


Thursday 10/20:

ERWC: Finish pop-up discussion!

Watch Steve Jobs' commencement speech. Text of speech here


AP 11: Textbook- Ehrenreich from Serving in Florida (179)


Friday 10/21:  All Classes, Unit 1-2 Grammar Quiz


Bring the Value of Life readings from the ERWC book. 

GFBF Unit assignments are due! (Panic Buttons are due Monday!)


AP 11: Final Drafts (w/ prewrite and RDs) due! You may upload to Google Classroom if you can't print it out. 

Textbook- Ehrenreich from Serving in Florida (179)

**You will need your textbooks Monday and Tuesday next week. 

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