Week of October 10-14

October 11, 2016

Monday 10/10

ERWC: Finish Fed Up. Update your source graphic organizer (green paper). 


AP 11:

  • Journal topic about Dewey: What is John Dewey's message about democracy and education? How is it similar to Emerson's?

  • Come up with a working thesis and possible reasons. Gather your sources. 


 Tuesday 10/11:

ERWC: Handouts- GFBF Final Assignment and Graphic Organizer 


AP 11: Get your Emerson dialectical journals and your prewrite stamped by the end of the period. Work on your body paragraphs for the Chapter 4 argument essay. 

Homework: you will need a completed draft (your intro and conclusion may be sparse) for tomorrow. 


Wednesday 10/12: 

ERWC: Handouts: They Say/I Say sentence frames. Notes on the powerpoint about the pop-up discussion, including notes on paraphrasing and responding to someone else's argument. 


AP 11: Handouts: They Say/I Say sentence frames. Peer response 

In groups of 3 or 4, read your paper out loud, noting anything that you want to change. Once everyone has read out loud, you will then exchange papers and get at least 2 people to read and comment on your paper (use the handout as a guide). 

Homework: finish your draft (flesh out the intro/conclusion). We will be using the Chromebooks tomorrow. 


Thursday 10/13:

ERWC: Chromebooks! Work on your graphic organizer for the pop-up discussion. You can find this document on the ERWC page under Unit Documents. 


AP 11: Chromebooks! Set up an MLA format template, then use it to start typing your final draft. 


Friday 10/14: 



AP 11: 

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