Semester One Units

What's Next Unit


Rhetoric of the Op/Ed
Read/annotate Edlund article in ERWC book (page 29). 




Good Food/Bad Food Unit: 

Readings (link)

Activities Handout: 

9/12- Activity 1 (NB)

9/13- Activities 2, 3

Annotate (LM) Brody article

9/25- Activity 4 (NB)

Annotate (L&R) Waters and Heron article 

Jamie Oliver TED Talk (handout; TED Talk)

Supersize Me video (handout)


Into the Wild

There are chapters available as audiobooks on Youtube. All you need to do is search "Into the Wild audiobooks Youtube" and you'll get a ton of links. 

Sources for VOL unit: 

Readings (pg 84):

Ripley article

Steiner article

Rosenhall article 

Death with Dignity 

Brittany Maynard One Year Later: Brittany's Legacy 

Source Graphic Organizer

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

1984- picking up books on 10/23

Handout (You can find the directions for all assignment here. Don't get too far ahead as I'm revising this unit as we go. Section One is revised as of 10/22.

Study Guide Graphic Organizer (link)

Section One 1984 Powerpoint Notes (link)

Section Two 1984 Powerpoint Notes (link)

Chapter IX help (link); Ms. Z's IX-X link 

Section Three 1984 Powerpoint Notes (link)

Golden Lines Graphic Organizer (link

Essay Topic Powerpoint (link)

Essay Directions (link) and rubric (link)


Reading Schedule: 

Section One

I- 10/25

II and III- 10/29


V- 11/2

Vi-VII- 11/5




Definition of Orwellian (link)

Types of Governments (link)

What is a dystopia (link)


Helpful Links

Link to 1984 info page 

Audio book on Youtube



State of Surveillance Video

Goodman TED Talk 

Goodman Articles

Section Two 

I-II- 11/13

III- 11/15

IV-VIII- 11/26

IX (half)- 11/29

IX (half)- 11/30

X- 12/3

Section Three

1- 12/6

II 12/10

III- 12/12


V- 12/15

VI- 12/17

Reference Documents: (click on the name to link to the document)

Essay Organization Help: Go to the Kirkman Reader and look under patterns. Each link will take you to a page that explains the organizational pattern. 


Videos and Powerpoints

Semester Two Units


Handout (You can find the directions for all assignment here; Reading notes Graphic organizer are here; all activity handouts are here.)

Powerpoint (The class notes I go over can be found here)

Link to 1984 info page 

Reading Questions  (All Chapter Questions are here. Beware of SPOILERS). 

State of Surveillance Video

Greenwald TED Talk

1984 Essay directions, graphic organizer, rubric



Juvenile Justice Unit

Readings: link 

Activities Handout: link 

Acting Your Age handout: link

Ms. Z's weekly powerpoints with daily agendas and activities can be found on the home page

Daily Activities


  • Complete the Acting Your Age handout;

  • in your notebook, start a section for Juvenile Justice.

    • Complete activity 1 (make sure to date and label).

  • We discussed activity 2, then added thoughts to activity 1.

    • Some periods may have started looking at and discussing activity 3 in small groups. 


Make sure to complete Activities 3, 5, 7. Some of these will be in your notebook, some in the handout. Look carefully at the directions on your handout. Finish first read of Thompson/Lundstrom. 


Make sure activities are done and that you've got left and right margins done for Thompson and Lundstrom. Sign up for Pride Time if you need more time to work on these articles. 


Period 2:

  1. Journal- What do Thompson and Lundstrom have in common? Are their positions on their topic the same? Explain.

  2. Get Thompson/Lundstrom annotations stamped. 

  3. Complete Activity 8 in the handout


Period 2: Work on Activity 9- Descriptive Outline of one of the articles we've read so far. Your choice. Due 1/28


Period 2: video study guide for Second Chance Kids. We will take 2 days to get through the video. 


second day of Second Chance Kids. If you miss any part of this, sign up for a study hall and bring your headphones. 


Activity 13- Annotating Garinger/Jenkins. Look at the weekly post for specific instructions as we're looking for something a little different with this one. 

1/28: Activity 14; turn in descriptive outline

1/29: Dr. Amen TED Talk (link) and handout (link)

Language, Gender, and Culture Unit

  • Handout-link

  • Readings- link

    • Brooks Article-link ​

  • Emotional Intelligence TED Talk handout-link

    • links to the TED Talks are inside the document. Open it up and click on the name of the TED Talk you need to watch.


Walking like a Man from The Birdcage- link  

Up talk and Vocal fry- link 

Annoying vocal fry? link

Funny cultural ads-link

Personal space-link

As of 4/26, we have read and annotated Brooks and Tannen. We did a PAPA Square together for Brooks. Copy those notes from a classmate. You will be turning in article annotations and a PAPA Square you do on your own for one of the other articles (NOT Brooks). There will also be a group poster project. 

There are 3 components for the final for this class: 


Letter to next year's senior in letter format


You will get information on these assignments later. 

Into the Wild (ITW) Unit

Handout- link 

Essay Info

All the docs for the essay are on the Google Classroom. 

  • Graphic Organizer stamped on 3/21

  • Rough Draft (a bare bones intro and at least 2 well developed body paragraphs) due Friday 3/23 

  • Final Draft (MLA format w/ works cited page and rubric copied into last page ) uploaded to Google Classroom by 11: 59PM on 3/29. 

  • ITW DJs and Reading Notes are due Tuesday 4/10. Turn in your books that week. 

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