Google Classroom Codes: 

Period 1: 2ta0hok

Period 2: qd86wlv

Period 3: xh9y3q

August-September Notebook 

Quotes of the Week (found on daily posts): 

August  19, 26 

September 3, 16, 23, 30 

8/19: Woop Goals; Activity 1- questions about learning and reflections on past goals

8/27: Rhetorical Triangle Notes 

9/9: Journal: What do you eat in an average week? 

9/12: Brody Journal Topic (see GFBF Slides)

9/13: Activity 4 #1, 2 (for Waters and Heron)

What's Due?

9/25 Bittman Vocab Quiz
9/25: Supersize Me and Waters &Heron on Graphic Organizer
9/27: Latin Roots 1-5 Quiz

Test Makeups

​9/30: Last day to make up Brody vocab quiz

10/9: Last day to make up Bittman vocab quiz

Current Unit

Good Food, Bad Food

Unit materials can be found in the Google Classroom. 


Toolbox documents will have a * by them.

*Syllabus- link

MLA Scavenger Hunt- link

How to Annotate-link

*Words That Describe What Texts Do-link

Sentence Templates and Transitions

Article Response Cover Page- link 

MLA 8 Citation Guide- link

MLA 8 Citation Builder-link

*Logical Fallacies and "Love is a Fallacy" graphic organizer

*Grammar: Unit 1, 2, 3 ( I can't link these!)

Essays- Transitions (link)- Zorra

Silva's Writing an Essay (link)

Template for Descriptive Outline (link)

Useful Websites: 

Research slideshow- link

Logical Fallacies- link

The Hemingway App- link

Active vs. Passive Voice- link 

Fed Up Healthy Eating Resources

Policital Compass Test (for fun!)

When to use Who and Whom- link

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